Open to all Master Masons.

STATED MEETINGS: 2nd Monday at 7:30 PM
CALLED MEETINGS: 4th Monday at 7:30 PM

OFFICERS MEETINGS:  To Be Determined by Worshipful Master

Elected and Appointed Officers for 2017

Worshipful Master: Dan Anger
Phone: 727-645-3844

Senior Warden: Tony Straquadine

Junior Warden: Shawn Abel
Phone: 813-919-3104

Treasurer: Creg Bell, PM
Phone: 727-243-2468

Secretary: Scott Mitchell, PM
Phone: 727-848-5605

Senior Deacon: Cody Campo

Junior Deacon: Matthew Quinn

Senior Steward: Seneca Beal

Junior  Steward: Charles Keay

Chaplain: Henry Eichner, PM

Marshal: Joe Ballow, PM

Tyler: Tony Seoud

Musician: John Nagy

Historian: Robert Gray, PM

Lodge Instructor: Henry Eichner, PM