From the South August 2011


Greetings from the South!

As I am sure you have heard July has been quite a busy, exciting and productive month.  We have had the unique opportunities of hosting the Boy Scouts for safety instruction, the District Deputy Grand Master and his entourage and a Master Mason Degree, too!

If you were not present at the July 2nd Independence Day Celebration, you missed an event of the ages.  The Boy Scouts set up an impressive and informative display coupled with an instructional on safety that would compete with any expert-led class.  Games and competitions including a dunk tank raised money for charities and the Child ID program assisted the community, free of charge, of course!  The kitchen helped in coordinating to raise money for charities, organizations and Masonic Orders including the Boy Scouts and the Rainbow Girls to name a couple.  We used 25 pounds of ice, cooked and sold over 80 hamburgers, 80 hot dogs, served 10 pounds of baked beans, 10 pounds of potato salad, 08 bags of potato chips, 05 pounds of cole slaw and a good assortment of beverages to keep the energy going.  Kids laughed and played while adults shared in fellowship and we even received some petitions for membership.  What a day!  We are already in dialogue planning other events that I am confident will be as successful or more.

The District Deputy Grand Master had his official visit to Pearl of the West on July 7th, just 5 days later.  It was another astounding event with some great fellowship and positive energy.  We enjoyed each others’ company while enjoying ham, cole slaw, baked beans, bread and, from what I am told, some masterfully crafted scalloped potatoes.  This happened to coincide with Sutherland’s Worshipful Master Greg Scott’s birthday, who was also in attendance.  The DDGM marched in synchronizing their steps to “The Imperial March” and R:.W:. Richard Brooks and R:.H:. Brad Watson received awards for their unselfish service to our Craft.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed birthday cake and, of course, more scalloped potatoes!  It was an event that I will never forget.

July 14th, just one week later, brought a Master Mason Degree which also drew a great group of Brothers together.  We enjoyed 40 in attendance for this fun-filled Degree where we not only Raised Brother Billy Vance, but also assisted in Raising a Brother from East Gate Lodge.  Costumes and jovial fellowship echoed again as we shared in another wonderfully Masonic event that has left an imprint in my mind forever.

If you have not been out to Pearl of the West lately, please know that we miss your company and fellowship.  Come join in the harmony that has proven to be the strength of Pearl of the West!

Fraternally Yours,

Brother Scott Mitchell

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