From the West September 2011


I hope this finds you well. The last few weeks we have had a lot going on. I’d like to start off by paying my respects to Brother’s
Jim Bierce and Jack Tocco. These Brothers have finished their labor and have moved on to the Celestial Lodge above. I offer
my condolences to their families and all of their friends. I’d also like to thank all the Brothers who were able to attend and
participate in their funeral services.

Congratulations to Brother Jesse Coker. At August’s Stated Meeting he gave back his Master Mason Catechism and delivered
it magnificently. I’d like to thank his instructor, Brother Darin Porter, for all of his work during all three degrees. R:.W:. Ed
Street was there to present him with his Bible and Apron. We were also brought our new Altar by R:.H:. Dave Rasmuss. He
handcrafted it and brought it in and put the finishing touches on at the lodge. This is an amazing piece of art if you have not yet
seen it. It has 3 levels of lighting, a rotating square and compass, and 4 beautiful pieces of granite. The top two pieces of granite
have the square and compasses etched into them. Brother Rasmuss has outdone himself on this and for that we thank him. I’d
also like to thank W:. Ray Trahan for making this happen.

We had an Entered Apprentice Degree on 8/11/11 for Brother’s Nick Sherman (from our lodge) and Nicholas Farahvashi (from
Sutherland lodge). We had Brother’s all over the place doing parts for their first time and everyone did a great job. Brother
Mitchell was in the East, Brother Venedam was in the West, Brother Quinn was in the South, W:. Watson was the SD and
Brother Lindstrom was the JD. R:.W:. Ed Street delivered the lecture and Brother James Mayo delivered the Charge. Everyone
did an outstanding job!! At the close of the meeting we were greeted by the W:.M:. and many other Brothers from Sutherland
Lodge #174. They came to see their new candidate made an Entered Apprentice, but they also came to take the Traveling
Gavel. And they did. But they left us a gift in the form of a modern working tool, a hammer. So we thanked them for that and
we also thanked them for coming out to Pearl of the West!!!

This coming month we will be coming back online from being “dim.” We do have some important business to address at the
Stated Meeting so come out if your cable tow allows for it. As many of you are well aware the current markets have been all
over the place and this affects our investments, this will be one of the things we will be discussing. We also have to vote on
some honorary memberships for some very deserving Brothers.

Lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who I have leaned on so much lately. Many of you know that my mother is
battling cancer right now and I am grateful to each and every single one of you who has been there for me, for us. It was only a
few years ago that I was battling a brain tumor myself and the Brethren here at Pearl of the West for there for me. I will never
be able to express what this means to me, but what it does mean is that I am part of the greatest fraternity on the planet, and
so are you.


Richard T. Sikes

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