From the West – December 2014

My Brothers,
It is truly hard to believe that it is already the end of November 2014. It has been a wonderful year for Pearl of the West. We have introduced many new brothers to Masonry. I look forward to an even more exciting year 2015.

The lodge is moving forward and our fearless Captain is leading the charge. Worshipful Eichner should be commended on the job he has done this year, his last lecture still leaves me asking how he does it.

Our 100 Mason night turned out to actually be a 48 Mason night but there was some Light and entertainment. Brother Straquadine did an awesome job with Masonic trivia and the meal was terrific (Top notch, Brother Junior Warden and Crew). Overall, we will be placing it in the win column simply because everyone that attended enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to Brothers Jeff Dermer and Richard Shoun who did a stellar job returning their E.A. catechism and being passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft. All that hard work left them shining like diamonds. Worshipful Dan Busha has stepped up and has our Mentors Program firing on all cylinders. Thank you Worshipful Busha. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or assisting with the development of new Brother Masons, give W. Busha a ring.

November 11th was Veterans Day. I have the distinct pleasure of serving with some exceptional men and women in the United States Marine Corps. I know there are many of our members from all branches of the Armed Forces that make up our ranks. Take a moment and thank a veteran, I know they would appreciate it.

Lastly I would like to remind everyone that the year is not over. There is still work remaining on the Trestleboard that must be completed. Call a Brother you haven’t spoken to and let them know we miss seeing them in lodge. Check on a Widow you may be familiar with, invite your family to become part of our family by making fellowship suggestions or spending time helping with our functions. The bricks that form our building are only the shell; the true Lodge is made from its members who are the only true support structure.

Brother Creg Bell
Senior Warden

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