From the West Dec 2011

The holiday season is here and we’re bringing an end to the year. The Lodge has done a lot in this last year and we’ve also
contributed a lot to the Fraternity and our Community.

To start, we had 21 Brothers participate and complete either one, two or all three of the Master Mason Exams. We’ve had
4 Entered Apprentice Degrees, 2 Fellow Craft Degrees, and 2 Master Mason Degrees. In every one of these Degrees we had
Brothers performing roles for their first time. We’ve had Brothers earn their proficiency cards for all three of the catechisms
and Degree work. And I know of at least three Brothers working on learning the lectures. We’ve also had Brothers complete the
Lodge Officer’s Training Course furthering their Light in all things Masonic. Many Brothers have also traveled and participated in
Degrees in Districts 19, 20 & 21.

Charity being at the heart of Freemasonry we have donated more than $2200 to various charities and we’re not done yet.
We’ve given to the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory Cardio Research Institute, the Florida Masonic Home, the Shriner’s
Gas Fund, the Rainbow Girls, the Boy Scouts, the Volunteer Way, the Susan G. Kohlman Charity Golf Tournament, the SPCA, the
Toy Makers, and the USO Care Package Program for Servicemen, and Gulf Middle School’s ABC Program. We will allocate more
at the next Stated Meeting to close out the year.

The market fluctuated all year causing panic throughout the world. At times we lost money and at others we made money.
On the year we lost money in our Managed Account due to a number of factors, none of which could have been foreseen
or prevented by us or our financial advisor. However, our Treasury Security went up close to $20k on the year. The Finance
Committee dealt with the finances openly and transparently and all minutes and records are archived and available for anyone
to view. The long term usage of the Portfolio will be required in the future in order to cover budget deficits due to loss of
members and increase in expenses. Doing so, the Portfolio will run out entirely in less than 20 years. We cannot wait for this to
happen; we have to remain diligent in our pursuit to lower costs and generate revenue.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for the honor to have served as your Senior Warden for this year. It has been one of the
greatest privileges of my life to serve the Craft. There have been ups and downs throughout the year and the Brethren’s
support has been immeasurable. I want to thank the 2011 Officers, R:.H:. Bradley Watson (WM), Scott Mitchell (JW), James
Mayo (SE), W: Luke DeRoberts (TR), Don Venedam (SD), Matt Quinn (JD), Bill Crane and Larry Dodd (CH), Adam Semel (MA), and
Ray Lindstrom (TY), for their friendship and support. Thanks to Catechism Instructors Darin Porter, Ray Lindstrom, Tony Gentile,
and Henry Eichner (who has also given numerous lectures this year). Thanks to Brothers Darin Porter, John Connors, Jason
Connors, Don Venedam, Scott Mitchell, Ray Vance, and Adam Semel for their work on the interior and exterior of the building
this year. Thanks to W:. Ray Trahan and R:.H:. Dave Rasmus for our new Altar. And thanks are in order to everyone who came
to see or participated in any Degree in any capacity this year. And finally, thanks to the GAOTU for bestowing the countless
blessings upon us and all of mankind.


Richard T. Sikes

Senior Warden

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