From the South


The year 2011 is almost to a close, which is unbelievable.  We have made an enormous number
of  positive  advances  and  I  know  that  next  year  will  yield  similar  results  as  well.   For  me,  there
are almost too many people to thank.  Those that assisted me know who they are and I cannot
express  enough  gratitude  to  exude  my  appreciation.   The  whole  Team  deserves  a  pat  on  the
back.  But through it all, when it came to keeping the kitchen together, I can name one for sure.
If it were not for Rickey Sikes, we would not have enjoyed so many meals.  Also, thanks to Adam
Semel, Bill Neihr, Ray Vance and of course, my wonderful and extremely supportive Wife.  Your
contributions have clearly kept the kitchen afloat.

The   month  of  November  opened  with  our  usual  business  meeting  and  great  news  from  our
Lawyer, Randall Love, concerning the current status of our lawsuit against Judson Hiscutt.  The
message  we  received  was  one  that  we  have  anticipated  for  quite  some  time  now;  here  is  an
excerpt from that communication:

“I am happy to inform you that I just received in today’s mail the court’s order dismissing the
lawsuit with prejudice. “With prejudice” means that the plaintiff will not be permitted to further
amend his pleadings. I am mailing a copy of the court’s order. Please pass along the word. I will
be filing a motion for attorneys’ fees with supporting affidavits.”

Obviously, this is outstanding news and what we had expected since this ordeal began. The
mere fact that this is behind us will help our financial outlook by several thousands of dollars and
remove weight from our Lodge’s shoulders. We will be attempting to retrieve financial losses and
will continue to update The Craft as to the progress thereof.

On Thursday, November 10th, we celebrated Veteran’s Day with an outstanding meal inspired by
the chow halls of our military; of course, Veterans ate free. Brother Richard Sikes prepared quite
a meal, serving Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, salad and macaroni and cheese. We had a
great turnout and had the pleasure of witnessing a near-perfect EA Degree, too! Congratulations
to the Brothers that have been newly initiated.

As this year comes to a close, especially with Veteran’s Day near, let us remember and give
thanks to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free of tyranny and terrorism.
After all, they are the reason that we have such a wonderful life in the Home of the Free because
of the Brave!

Fraternally Yours,

Brother Scott Mitchell

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