From the South September 2011


The  month  of  August  has  been  both  busy  and  restful  for  Pearl  of  the  West.   As  most  of  you
know,  while  other  Lodges  sleep  in  the  summer,  we  have  been  continuing  to  operate,  both
for  business  purposes  and  for  the  purpose  of  performing  degree  work;  a  task  of  the  Brethren
which is much less a job, but more over a fun night filled with purpose, meaning and of course
symbolism.  This month, we were fortunate enough to enjoy both with our regular camaraderie
to start off the night, as usual.

On  August  4th,  Champagne  Day, we  enjoyed  meatball  hoagies  and  on  August  11th,  Sons  and
Daughters  Day, hamburgers  and  hot  dogs  with  Brother  Rickey  Sikes’  famous  chili  all  were  on
the  menu.   Turnout  was  great  for  both  meetings  even  being  “dark,”  but  then  again,  that was
to be expected.  The first meeting of the month brought a beautiful new addition to our Lodge
that  is  sure  to  astound  anyone  who  enters  our  Lodge-room.   If  you  have  not  yet  gazed  upon
its  wonderful  craftsmanship,  it  is  a  sight  to  behold!   Brothers  from  Sutherland  appeared  and
took  the  Traveling  Gavel  during  the  last  meeting,  replacing  it  with  a  new  tool  to  break  off  the
corners of rough stone and thus delivering us yet another new addition; probably about one one-
thousandth of the size of the first and not quite as spectacular, however.

On  Saturday,  September  17th,  which  happens  to  be  Constitution  Day,  by  the  way, we  will
resume  our  breakfasts.   You  can  expect  our  regular  eggs  to  order,  biscuits  and  gravy,  bacon,
sausage,  pancakes  and  who  knows  what  else  might  materialize.  Thursday,  September  29th,
is  the  day  before  National  Mud  Packing  Day  and  also  the  night  we  will  have  a  Widows’  Dinner
at  which  all  Masonic  Widows  will  eat  free  of  charge.   As  we  honor  those  who  supported  our
Brethren  Past  in  their  Labors  we  will  have  the  unique  pleasure  of meeting  and  interacting with
these  remarkable  Ladies.   Lasagna,  meatballs,  salad  and  garlic  bread  will  all  be  served  for  this
event,  which  will be  second  only  to the  fun  and  insightful  dialogue  of  fellowship.   Come  meet
the “better halves” of our Brethren Past.

I look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.

Fraternally Yours,

Scott Mitchell

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