From the East September 2011

My exalted Brothers,

August was a slow month by our Lodge’s standards, but at the same time, we did accomplish
much as we typically do. Our Stated Communication saw much needed conversation about
challenges our Lodge faces, most importantly our budget deficit and relocation. Many ideas were
offered by W:. Ray Vance, R:.W:. Ron Newton, W:. Ray Trahan, W:. Glenn Clarke, and many
others on tackling these dilemmas. The consequences of these issues may be years down the
road, and with time they will compound, but the problems won’t be solved unless we approach
with sensible solutions today.

We also had a wonderful evening with our Entered Apprentice Degree, with many Brothers
stepping up to the plate to do various positions for the first time, and the outcome was
outstanding! I’m proud of the Brothers who have heeded their respective callings and rose
to the occasion. Brothers Don Venedam, Scott Mitchell, Matthew Quinn, Richard Sikes, and
Adam Semel have been integral to the success of this year, and will be outstanding Officers
for the future of this Lodge. If you’ve not seen them work, my Brothers, you are missing out on
something to be eminently proud of.

Our civil lawsuit seems to be coming to an end, and hopefully we will be hearing from the Pasco
County Court on the dismissal of the final charge. This will be beneficial to the Lodge’s finances,
and after that we must work to repairing relations, and that requires us to adhere to the Charges
given to us in the Three Degrees, so I ask that we put our egos aside.

The end of the year approaches; the summer break is all but over, and we will be going into full
throttle to finish out the year on as positive a note as within our power. The two big events on
the horizon is the Widows and Wives Appreciation Dinner in September, headed up by Junior
Warden Scott Mitchell, and the Christmas party, headed up by Brothers Don Venedam and
Matthew Quinn, which will be in December. In a mere 3 months, we will be having elections, and
before then we have at least 3 Degrees on the docket and much Lodge business to attend to. I
ask the input and assistance of all the Brothers so that we may leave the Lodge better than when
we found it.


R:.H:. Bradley L. Watson
District Instructor, District 20
Worshipful Master, Pearl of the West #146

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