From the East – January 2015


My Brothers All,

“Fun Family and Fellowship”

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful turnout and response to the Installation of POWs 2015 Officer Line. The Installation was a great success. Brother Bill Belcher was up at 0100 in the morning cooking a delicious pulled pork meal for the Installation Dinner. For those of you that were able to attend, I do not have to tell you how it was. Thank You, Brother, it was awesome. I also wish to thank Rexanne Vance, Emily Mitchell, Doreen Watson and my lovely wife Rebecca, for all of their hard work in the kitchen. R.W. Vance and W. Mitchell should also be mentioned for their wonderful guidance and support. R.W Angelo Rosello and his entire degree team were awesome and we even had some faces we have not seen in a while stop by to help out. R.H. Watson, R.H. Sikes and W. Brischler all were a welcome site.

I want to tell you about a couple of changes since you may have last been to Lodge. Our elected Senior Warden, Mike Malterer, has been promoted at his job and will be moving to Dade County. We wish him Gods Speed and know that he will do well in his new position. As such, we have an official vacancy that we must get special dispensation from the Grand Lodge for a special election. Our Brother Secretary and I have already applied for the new election. In the interim, I have appointed W. Dan Busha (booshay) as the sitting Senior Warden until such time as the craft makes a new selection. I know you will make him aware of how much you appreciate him. His vast experience will lend itself nicely to our Lodge and some of our younger Masons. Also, during our Stated Meetings our Officers will be in formal attire, as well with all Degrees, presentations and visits. During Called Meetings, unless it is a previously mentioned special event, we will be in dress slacks and Polo style shirts.

Before I go on, I want to thank Worshipful Hank Eichner for his guidance and friendship and I am truly pleased that he is sitting in the East with me as our Chaplin, (it is not a mistake that I keep him close, this guy knows a lot). Finally, I wish to tell you what I plan for the upcoming year.

We have many Brothers, like our Chaplin, who have vast amounts of knowledge and experience. I want to tap into that and get some things running on all cylinders again. Fun, Family and Fellowship is my theme for 2015, and I intend to deliver. We will be doing some fundraisers to raise money for our charity contributions. We will be reigniting our widows program and pay homage to our obligations. We will be also doing some fellowship based fun activities such as a CONFUSION DEGREE, 100 MASON NIGHT and a Family VEGAS NIGHT (virgin drinks included). I fully intend to get us out in the community. Lodge can be more than just paying the bills and reading the minutes. Let’s have some fun…more to follow.

I will see you in the lodge

Creg Bell

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