From the Chaplin Dec 2011

To all of my Brothers in Pearl of the West:

I am very pleased to be back among my fellow Brothers, after our annual sojourn to
Maine. We trust that all had a great summer, and are eager to continue the Lodge’s
business of strengthening Pearl of the West, by continuing to bring new members into the

As your Assistant Chaplain, I was very pleased to know that this Lodge is continuing its
mission with the initiation of 3 new members on November 10th. With this in mind, the
following seems to be fitting:
“Freemasonry provides opportunities for sincere, honest, forthright men of all
walks of life, to contribute to the improvement of themselves, their families and their
communities. Through our Masonic brotherhood, we reaffirm our dedication and unity
to brotherly love, relief and truth, faith hope and charity, the values that make America

My Brothers, you will hear the following as you progress in your work ,and I believe it is
worthy of repeating:

The Rugged Road:

Each of us must travel it, this rough and rugged road, no one else can journey with us, or
bear the heavy load.
Each of us must face the future, determined to seek the light, never faltering or
complaining, working far into the night.
Let the way be rough and rugged, after all it is the best, for the joy of over coming, leads
to victory and to rest”

Yours in the Faith,

Bro. Bill Crane, Asst. Chaplain

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