From the West – April 2014

My Brothers,

We have had a shaky start this year but things are quickly looking up. We are so pleased to have the WM back in the Lodge with us and we are quickly filling up the calendar. We have several new candidates to

initiate and I can’t wait. Brother Junior Warden is juggling the kitchen and the life of a new father like

a champion. I am happy to report our finances are still doing as well as can be expected. We recently

hosted a Masters and Wardens meeting. And special recognition should go out to the wives of W. Ray

Vance and Brother Tim Watson. These L.O.S ladies came through big for us when W. Vance threw

his back out while trying to outsprint some yellow jackets. The meal and meeting were both great

successes. Thank You. Finally, I wish to congratulate the brothers who have been stepping up by taking

unfamiliar parts and responsibilities within the lodge. You will only ever do something for the first time,

once, after that familiarity kicks in.

Creg Bell, Senior Warden

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