From the East – February 2013

We have had a very exciting start to the year, indeed! Our very first meeting opened with a bang as we hosted Brian Campbell, our District Deputy Grand Master and his entourage. It was a fun meeting and an interesting way to start everything off. In sickness and distress, I made mention that I had the flu and R:.W:. Campbell promptly asked the Craft to pray for me, which I credit for my recovery; otherwise, I’d have been doomed, for sure! We voted to receive petitions for the three degrees in Masonry and pending the outcome of the investigation which will be discussed at our February Stated Meeting, we should have an Entered Apprentice Degree on February 28th. We voted on five different guys five different ways, but assisted by a little bit of levity, we got through it. All of the unique circumstances of our first meeting made the night unforgettable. In fact, the entire month was most memorable, indeed.

On January 24th, we enjoyed in some great fellowship and joined together for a Master Mason Degree. Though our attendance was little lacking, we gave an outstanding concerted effort for Brothers Bill Ferraro and Bill Belcher who were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. In fact, I feel that the second section in particular just may have been one of the very best performances that I have ever taken part. Brother Don Venedam did a great job as King Solomon and the entire team was coordinated and fluid in their respective parts. “Congratulations” to our newly raised Brothers and “Thank You” to all who jumped in to make it happen so successfully. For those of you who were present or took part in the event, I am sure that you agree the night was definitely newsworthy.

Speaking of news, many of you may have noticed that we have not been displaying any advertisements within our Trestleboard issues. We have discussed investigating the possibility of that option once more. So, let’s see if there is still interest in the prospect. If any Brother is interested in advertising within the Pearl of the West Trestleboard, we are offering a special discounted price for a limited time only. Typically, we charge $75 for the entire year. If you act now, you can save money by advertising during the remaining 10 months (March through December) for only $50. Remember, we print more than 200 copies each and every month. This is by far the cheapest advertising you can get for such a wide circulation. Please contact me directly if you wish to take advantage of this limited time offer. Act now and help your Lodge!

Also, of considerable significance that merits your consideration, is attending one or all of our upcoming workshops. On the second Thursday of March, we will again host Brother John Nagy as he presents the first category of his Building Better Builders Workshop series. During that first exhibition, Dr. Nagy will present the Entered Apprentice portion. Then, he will return on the second Thursday of May for the Fellow Craft section and again on the second Thursday of July for the final Master Mason component. If you have not appeared to any of these workshops, I assure you that they are always extremely informative. No matter how many times one takes part in these paradigm activities, the experience is sure to delight.

Be Well, My Brothers!

Scott Mitchell, Worshipful Master

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