From the East – December 2013


Though we were dark for July and August, we were been very busy and you will notice obvious changes to our Temple! First and foremost, our by-laws change was approved and so our Stated Meetings will now be on the 2nd Mondays of every month and our Called Meetings will be on the 4th Mondays. So, coming back from being dark our first meeting was Monday, September 09th. With a ton of business to attend to, the meeting went pretty late, but was a resounding success. On Thursday, September 12th, Brother John Nagy again hosted the Building Better Builder’s Workshop and went over the Entered Apprentice Degree. He will have another workshop covering the Fellow Craft Degree. On Saturday, September 21st we had breakfast beginning at 7:30 am and another very successful coin and stamp show. The show prior was on March 3rd was also great success. These shows are proving to be a great way to showcase our Lodge within the community as well as raise money. We had another breakfast at 9 am on Saturday, October 19th and November 16th which were more opportunities to enjoy fellowship. All of these activities will ultimately help to strengthen our Spiritual Temples and I hope to share in fellowship with you all in these experiences. Our Lodge Temple has also undergone some noticeable upgrades.

The building has received some new additions that I think everyone will notice immediately upon entering and now boasts a new Secretary’s Office that looks fabulous. We have been very fortunate to have gotten the help of a great many Brothers and their families to make all of this come together so smoothly. All of the time and effort and most of the materials and other items were donated to these projects. It was a very fun and fulfilling experience as 13 of us came together for a common cause. Our motivation and Teamwork was evident and infectious! I believe that overall, we will become better organized and will enjoy more fellowship as a result of these changes and I am sure that The Craft will agree.

On Monday, November 25th, we initiated a new Brother and Creg Bell sat in the East for the Degree. He did an outstanding job! We have three more new candidates coming in, too. We will ballot on these gentlemen at our meeting on Monday, December 9th. Also at that meeting will be our elections, so please come out and vote.

In summation, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve The Craft as Worshipful Master this year. I have had so much fun and learned a great deal. Our team of Officers, Past Masters and instructors has done a phenomenal job and we could not have had a successful year without the combined efforts of everyone in the Lodge. In retrospect, I look back on the year and realize how fortunate we are to have each other and as the Holidays approach, I hope we all are able to take a moment in order to reflect on that sentiment: Friends, Family and Brotherhood!


Scott Mitchell, Worshipful Master

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