From the East – April 2013



Attendance at our meetings is up slightly which was again reflected at our Stated Meeting on March 07th. With our regular business behind us, we moved on to the subject of changing our meeting to Mondays which has consistently appeared very popular. We will be voting on the matter at the Stated Meeting in April and then again at the Stated Meeting in May. Please come out and show your support for either keeping the meeting night the same or the proposed change. This needs to be a decision that we all share in together as a group.

The following Thursday, March 14th was the Building Better Builder’s Workshop showcasing the Entered Apprentice Work. We again converged as a Masonic Group to gain insight into the ritual and symbolism of the First Degree. As in all of the offerings regarding this series, Brother John Nagy presented his material with an uncanny knack for “connecting the dots” for the audience combined with simply expert delivery. The evening proved to be fun, exciting and truly educational. What a great turnout! I hope that we will see even more Brothers on May 09th as we bring you the next portion of the series focusing on The Fellowcraft Degree. Thanks, Brother Nagy; I have heard nothing but positive feedback for this last event coupled with excitement to attend the next.

Just two days later, we turned the Fellowship Hall upside-down to host the Coin and Stamp show; another resounding success! I was amazed at how many people came out to buy, sell and peruse the many vendors who were present. I even bought some silver from Brother Tim Watson who organized the hit event. We opened the doors promptly at 7:30 am and closed down at 4:00 pm. Thanks to Tim Watson, Doreen Watson, Brad Watson, Rickey Sikes, Ray Vance, Rexanne Vance, Bill Neihr and Emily Mitchell for working the details A-Z and completely supporting the operations. It was a long day, but it didn’t seem like work thanks to all of the support. The event went over so well and made so much money for the Lodge, we are already talking about setting up another. Great job, everyone!

This week, on Thursday, March 28th, we will be having an Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. Richard Lovett and Mr. Gregory Sibley. We are all very excited to have these gentlemen join our Great Fraternity and become productive members of The Craft. Please join me in welcoming them to Pearl of the West! With that being said, we are actively looking for members who can help out – we need Brothers to help educate and mentor, help landscaping and upkeep of the Lodge and premises and many other fields of work. If you have something to offer, please contact me directly. We will soon announce several work parties designed to improve our Lodge and we can use all of the help that you are willing to provide.

Fraternally Yours,

Scott Mitchell
Worshipful Master

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