August 2010 From the South

Greetings Brothers,

With August approaching quickly, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are getting well rested.  Even though the Lodge is partially dark for the next few months, its important to remember that we will be meeting the 1st two Mondays of the month.  The Monday of August 2nd ill be our usual Stated Meeting and a Fellow Craft Degree on the 9th of August.  also, just added to our schedule is a E.A. Degree on Saturday the 14th at 10:00 A.M. with lunch afterwards, I was thinking of Hot Dogs and one other type of meat (I was thinking either Polish Sausage or hamburgers), Baked Beans, Cole Slaw and something for dessert, so, come out and join us and have the spouse and family stop by for lunch afterwards.  Let show these new Brothers the support they deserve.  EA Degree will be an excellent opportunity to become reacquainted with your Brethren.

Mid July, several brothers of Pearl and their spouses went down to the Masonic Home in St. Pete to have dinner with our new Grand Master.  There was a lot of familiar faces gathered for this event and I encourage any Brother that gets an opportunity in the future to either meet our Most Worshipful or take a Trip down to our Masonic Home to do so, both will be a memorable experience.

On a side note, I will be looking into T-Shirt prices for us in the near future and would welcome any and all feedback to a reasonable price range for these items.  Also, what other items you think the Brothers would be interested in.  Next time you see me, let me know or e-mail me at Revid2 @ and in the subject line put P.O.W. so I attend to is post haste.

Enjoy you summer!!
Fraternally Jeff Hason

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