Old red Fez

My old red Fez has faded a bit,
But that hasn’t dimmed my love for it;
for into that bit of old head gear are woven the friendships of many a year.
It knows the touch of a friendly hand,
and symbolizes….you’ll understand….
All things I found both good and fine in my happy days with the mystic Shrine. My old red Fez has faded a bit; But I’m still mighty proud of it;
Proud of all for which it stands, the loyal hearts , the willing hands;
Ready always to do their best and meet with courage every test;
Proud of the memories that are mine of Noble Friends of the Mystic Shrine.
My old red Fez has faded a bit;
and some day I’ll take leave of it,
But not without a friendly smile,
for it has been mine for a long long while.
So here’s to the red Fez and all those who have worn it;
May love and loyalty ever adorn it.
May the sun of good fellowship eternally shine in the hearts of the men of the mystic Shrine.
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