Alas My Brother – Poem submitted by Bro. Ken Baril


Last evening, about six-thirty,

For a departed Brother of a Masonic Lodge

I went to a visitation

Without any hesitation.

I slowly entered the funeral home,

Rather solemnly, I confess.

I thought I would be greeted by many

Of his Masonic Brothers, no less.

Only three of his Lodge Brother’s were present,

While the family sat alone.

Where is all the Brotherly Love

His Brothers should have shown?

Not only was I embarrassed,

For I could feel the family’s pain,

Of not seeing their loved ones Brothers,

As the mourners went and came.

The Masonic oaths we took on bended knee,

Should mean much more than this.

Have we lost sight of what they mean?

My Brothers, something surely is amiss.

We certainly have an obligation,

To make time to say Good-bye:

Eternity is a long, long, time

For tear filled eyes to dry.

Shamefully, many of your Brothers are not here,

I am here to say my last Good-bye,

Alas, my Brother, sleep well!
© skb

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