Pearl of the West is presented the Unity Gavel

20140609_203228At the June stated meeting last night, Worshipful Hank Eichner was presented the Unity Gavel by Worshipful John Brown from Clearwater Lodge #127, and R.W Glen Bishop. It will stay in our hands for two weeks, at which time it will be traveling on.

A true work of art and beauty, lovingly designed and handcrafted by Bro. David Perrego of Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252, the Unity Gavel was introduced to District 20 by R:.W:. Christopher Schlenker in 2009. It is presented to the various lodges in the 20th Masonic District during the Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master to a particular lodge. Once presented to a lodge, that Lodge then takes it to the District Deputy Grand Master’s next Official visit.

The original purpose was to have the most recently raised Master Mason, along with the Worshipful Master and available Lodge Officers travel to the next Official Visit and present the gavel.  However,   R:.W:. Brian Campbell updated the purpose of the Unity Gavel in 2012.  He realized that those brothers who had been raised since the last visit and were not the most recently raised brother were never recognized.  To correct this, every Brother raised in the last 12 months is requested to travel and present the gavel along with the Worshipful Master and officers.

While it adds a bit of fun to official visits of the District Deputy Grand Master, it also expands the horizons of the new Master Mason.  Most new Masons never travel outside of their own lodge and the Unity Gavel gives them a specific purpose to do so.

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